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Bring your newest Commanders to full potential, right away!Mighty fine work, Liberators!

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of getting a new, powerful Commander to join your ranks.  Fresh blood can do a lot to re-energize your units, and as the General, you’ll likely find yourself eager to test their unique Skill.  For high-level Generals, however, this could lead to complications – needs for more gold, supplies, badges, and training manuals, just to get your Commander on their feet!


Introducing Rank Transfer – the all-new system in Liberators which allows you to move Commanders up the ranks fast.  Accessed via the Commander menu, Rank Transfer will allow the player to select a high-level Commander and transfer their training to a new Commander.  This feature is available to players level 75 and above.


Rank Transfer will bring one Commander to their absolute lowest stats, but transfer almost all other upgrades to a low-level Commander of your choice, boosting their abilities considerably!    This includes EXP, level, Medals, Equipment, PvP stats acquired through Enhance, Propaganda Points, and levels invested in class-based abilities.  You can only Transfer between Commanders of the same unit type.


The new Commander doesn’t receive 100% of the benefits – there is still a little bit lost in transaction, but Rank Transfer will still save you plenty of time and valuable resources in the long run!  Star Level is not affected from a Rank Transfer for either Commander.  Transfers require the use of a Transfer Order, an item acquired through participating in certain Special Events that appear at the top of your screen.


Now get out there and save the world, Liberators!  Now, you can truly choose among your finest men and women!


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