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Defend your base and siege that of your enemy!Defend your base, Liberators!

If you want to be successful in war, you need to make sure everything is taken care of in your home base.  If you don’t even have security in your very own quarters, how can you be expected to win a war and save the world?

Liberators is very excited to announce a brand new in-game feature to keep you battling it out against other players on your server – The Defense HQ!  Once you reach level 35, you’ll have the option to build the Defense HQ in your base, enabling an all new game mode where you can attack and defend your base from player invaders:  Skirmish!

To invade another player’s camp, deploy a squad of Commanders from a menu accessed in the Defense HQ.  You are only granted so many attempts per day, so choose your battles wisely!  A successful raid will allow you to snatch a number of trophies from your enemy.  Trophies can be used to purchase items from an in-game shop.

Defending your base is just as important as attacking!  Multiple new towers, designed to keep your base safe, are also released with this update.  These include the Sniper Tower, Bunker, Gatling Gun, Mortar Emplacement, Anti-tank Gun, and Rocket Artillery.  Each one has different special abilities to help keep your foes at bay and your trophies safe!  Make sure your base’s defenses are well balanced against all types of raids.

Skirmish mode also features a ranking system, which allows you to gain more rewards for being a skilled base-raider!  Find worthy adversaries, and work your way up from being a Tussler all the way to a true Warlord!  

Whether you’re looking for excellent free war games or addicting free strategy games, Liberators is the best choice to take you straight to the World War II online battlefield!

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