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Keep your heads up, Liberators!


We’ve got two new planes coming to you in Air Supremacy mode! Liberators level 65 and above can access them via the Control Tower in their base. Collect Parts to use these powerful new planes!

The first is the HE-111! Used by Germans in campaigns across Poland, Norway, France, Britain, the Middle East, North Africa, and the Mediterranean, these Bombers really made a splash all across the world. In Air Supremacy mode, HE-111 uses the skill Deterrence to deal percentage-based damage to all enemy units and reduce enemy morale.

We’re also introducing the P-40! This American-designed, single-seat, all metal Fighter plane led the front lines of the Allied powers in World War II until the very end of the war. Their skill, Raid, will deal a percentage of the plane’s ATK to multiple enemies, with an extra damage buff on top!

Whether you’re looking for excellent free war games or addicting free strategy games, Liberators is the best choice to take you straight to the World War II online battlefield!

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