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ItaloRise and shine, soldiers!

Italo Gariboldi, senior officer of the Italian Royal Army joins the Liberators battlefield!  Awarded the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross from the German fuhrer Adolf Hitler himself, Gariboldi is ready to make his bombastic impact on the battle.  

Gariboldi spent 1939-1941 as a commander in North Africa, where the Italian army was stationed in Libya and Egypt.  His military prowess landed him a spot as the lead Italian commander during the Battle of Stalingrad, where Nazi Germany and its allies fought the Soviet Union for control in Southern Russia. In 1944, most of the Italian army, including Gariboldi, were named Prisoners of War by the Germans and condemned to death.  Just before his execution, however, the Allies released him from his prison, and he lived safely in Rome until his actual death in 1970.

On the Liberators Battlefield, Gariboldi commands a troop of Recon units, who prefer to stay on the front lines of the action.  His ability, Royalist’s Honor, allows his units to send out 4 individual attacks, dealing massive damage to enemies and surrounding enemies!  Dealing damage to so many opponents at once is always an invaluable ability, but could be most handy campaigning the Invasion of Africa

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