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Showdown!At Mutantbox, we strive to bring you the best free MMO we can possibly make!  It brings us great joy to provide even more new services and features one of the top World War II games of 2016!  There’s nothing quite like the rush of teaming up with other players to storm through Europe to win the war, city by city!  

Introducing another brand new game mode: Showdown!  Team up with friends, alliance members, and other generals on the field to compete in battles and fight missions.  Two teams of five will team up to gain Capture Points to win the battle!  Kills will grant players Courage badges, which can be exchanged in the shop for other items depending on your league.  Keep fighting, because higher leagues will earn you higher discounts!  Battles generally last about 20 minutes, so get serious, soldiers!

Who will cultivate the greatest army? Who will work their way up the rankings to acquire the greatest rewards?  Who will capture the most cities and complete their target missions in time?  Find out in this all-new PvP battle mode which throws you straight into the thick of a real World War II battlefield!

Search no further on your quest for top-quality free World War II MMOs!

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