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Boost your commanders’ abilities and resources to the limit!In times of war, you need every single advantage you can get.  Never underestimate your enemy, and never forsake an opportunity to gain the edge on your foes.  These are the basics for any general marching forth into the fogs of war!

Liberators is proud to announce another two new features to help get your commanders in the best possible shape:  Commander Stones and War Stones!  

Commander Stones are to be equipped by a commander to increase a specific stat.  Different stones give your Commanders different tactical edges.  Don’t forget to upgrade your stones for even greater benefits!

War Stones, an all-new game mode, can be accessed through your base’s newest addition: The Quarry. The Quarry is where industrious commanders can use what's under their feet to amass more wealth for their armies! Here you will access the new War Stones Gameplay, a great way to earn extra resources while having fun.

We won’t stop working on bringing you the best browser game of 2016! March on, soldiers!

See you on the battlefield!

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