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Liberators: Vasily Chuikov is ready to join in the battle!

Look alive, soldier! 

We’ve got another fantastic new Commander joining us on the Liberators battlefield, and he’s ready to take the it by storm!  Welcome Vasily Chuikov, Soviet lieutenant general in the Red Army during World War II, and recipient of 51 awards and honors from the Soviet Union and internationally!

Born 8th of twelve children to a peasant family in the Tula region south of Moscow, Chuikov began a job as a factory worker by the age of 12 and was recruited into the Red Army by 18.  By 19, he was commander of the 40th regiment facing the White Army.  Later when he was a Commander in Stalingrad, he was famous for developing his tactic of “hugging the enemy," keeping close to German army so as to minimize their superior firepower.  Chuikov was eventually the first Allied officer to learn about Adolf Hitler’s suicide.  

On the Liberators battlefield, you’ll find Chuikov hitting hard with his Artillery units!  Keep him behind the main lines for maximum effectiveness.  With his special skill, Red Terror, Chuikov can deal a percentage based attack to one unit while also attacking all its surrounding units.  This also activates a morale loss if fewer than 4 enemy units remain. 

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