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Liberators: Control TowerHold on to your helmets, cadets! 

We’re bringing you two brand new ways to engage the enemy and protect your base! So put on your gear and climb into the Control Tower! Here, soldiers can keep track of the air battles taking place in the vicinity of their base. 

For the soldier who can’t wait to put his finger on the trigger, there’s the daily Air Raids! Nazi pilots are flying overhead, and it’s your duty to keep them from blowing your base to smithereens! Enemy planes launch daily at 5am, the time at which you will be granted 100 bullets. Shoot at planes to weaken and ultimately destroy them and collect the goods they drop! Upgrade the level of your defenses to increase the quality of goods dropped from planes. 

Take the bits of destroyed planes you’ve accumulated from the Air Raids and make your own planes for your own soldiers over in the new Air Supremacy function. Use wreckage or parts to create planes. Later, you can receive Air Support in the first 5 turns of a battle. Each deployed plane will trigger one skill during the assigned turn. And after the plane is created, it can be upgraded by employing the usage of more parts and wreckage. Use these flying beauties to boost the stats of all Commanders on the battlefield!

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