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Liberators: Khanpasha NuradilovFall in line, cadets!

We’re bringing daring young Commander to the Liberators battlefield and he’s going to be a fantastic addition to your army! Introducing Khanpasha Nuradilov, the bright young soldier from the Caucasus. This fighter may be young, but he’s got more kills under his belt than some of the most seasoned of vets!

Born in the summer of ’22 in a Dagestan village, Nuradilov was destined for greatness. He later joined the Red Army as a machine gunner, and became known for being the fiercest Chechen machine gunner around. He was credited with over 920 confirmed kills, capturing 9 machine guns, and taking 12 enemy prisoners. His numbers were impressive enough to earn him some level of renown during and after his life. In 1942, he was killed in Stalingrad in battle, posthumously receiving the Orders of the Red Star and Red Banner. He was later made a Hero of the Soviet Union, an honor for which he is still recognized. 

On the Liberators battlefield, Nuradilov commands an army of machine gun units. These close-range soldiers are best kept in the front lines, toward the flanks as a source of defense and buffering strength. His special skill is the MG Hero, which deals damage to all enemy Commanders. If there are fewer than 3 Commanders remaining, however, he deals additional damage to each enemy. As deadly as he is, you can’t afford not to recruit him to your growing legion today! 

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