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Liberators - Roza ShaninaFall in line, cadets!

We’ve got another fantastic new Commander joining us on the Liberators battlefield, and she’s sure to be an excellent addition to your growing army! Let’s give a warm welcome to Roza Shanina, the Soviet Sniper with an eye as sharp as a tack. During her brief career, she scored 59 confirmed kills, including twelve soldiers during the decisive Battle of Vilnius. 

After losing several of her brothers in the war, Shanina enlisted to serve and be a sniper. At the time, the Soviets were actively recruiting women because it was believed that their limbs were more limber, and that they could be more cunning on the battlefield. Shanina did not disappoint. She attended the Central Female Sniper Academy and graduated with honors. Although she was asked to remain on as an instructor, she cited the call of duty of the war effort and went out to serve her nation. Later known as “the unseen terror of East Prussia” Shanina went on to ravage the battlefield for the final two years of her life. 

A few months shy of her 21st birthday, Shanina was involved in the East Prussian Offensive, and her battalion had lost 72 of its 78 soldiers. They’d taken to hiding in self-propelled guns. Adhering to her duty to the end, she shielded another wounded officer to get him to safety. She died doing what she loved, serving her nation and participating actively in the call of duty. She had become the first female sniper to be awarded the Order of Glory. 

On the Liberators battlefield, Shanina commands an army of sniper units. As they are long-ranged, they’re best used when on the back lines. Her special skill is known as the Deadly Miss. This attack deals damage to the enemy with the lowest HP. It also gives a moral boost to all Commanders, if that enemy is killed during the attack. Recruit this deadly woman today! 

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