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Liberators: AirdropsTime to call in some support from base, soldiers!

On the Liberators battlefield, Eisenhower often saves the day by calling in reinforcements. Air Supplies is one of the special skills Generals are more grateful for when the going gets tough. Now you can extend that ability beyond the power to call in manpower to calling for supplies for your growing army!

Now you can call for an Airdrop! Use radios to summon nearby aircraft for whatever supplies they’ve got on board. For each radio you consume, you’ll receive Wings which will be used to rank soldiers according to their participation. Planes flying overhead will drop whatever they have on board. And a needy soldier is aware that it’s good to take all the help they can get! 

The boards of each box of supplies can be recycled and use for currency in the local shop. Exchange board pieces for even greater items and rewards. Use Wings to garner further rewards. And a final way to gain rewards is through precision in calling for airdrops. No soldier will be left unrewarded!

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