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Liberators - Card MasterHey there, soldier. Ready to try test the limits of your luck?

Sitting around in camp idly waiting for the enemy to strike can be rough on a soldier’s mind. That’s why entertainment is one of the few luxuries that must be spared to keep the men and women in arms in tip top psychological shape. 

The latest in the base entertainment is the new Card Master system! Draw cards from different decks to exchange for goods, CPs, war bonds, and other items you’ll need to march your army forward toward victory! 

Choose from one of three colored decks, green, blue, or purple. Draw familiar cards from your various decks and collect combinations to exchange for goods. Cards can even be torn and recombined into more useful cards by extra clever Generals looking for alternative ways to improve their luck. Big spenders will be recognized for having their way with Lady Luck on the weekly rankings system. Fortune is in your hands. 

When it comes to war games, the Liberators battlefield brings the best free games online! Battle against the mightiest generals across the globe in the Number 1 browser game of the year! 

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