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Liberators Commander RokossovskyHold on to your helmets, soldiers! We’re welcoming another new Commander to the Liberators battlefield. One of the most prominent Red Army Commanders of WWII, and appointed personally by the big man Stalin himself is the legendary Konstantin Rokossovsky. 

Born in Warsaw Rokossovsky enlisted into the Rusian army and soon made a name for himself as a capable soldier and leader. Where he really came to shine was in his planning and execution of Operation Bagration, one of the most decisive successes of the Red Army. Thanks to his skillful preparation, German forces were cleared from eastern Poland in late June of 1944. It was one of the most calamitous operations the Axis forces faced, and resulted in the liberation of most of the western Soviet Union. For this and many other feats of bravery and cunning, Rokossovsky has earned a prominent place in history.

On the Liberators battlefield, Rokossovky heads a battalion of riflemen. It’s best to keep him on the flanks where he can serve to reinforce the might of your deadly legion. His special skill is the Bagration, which causes devastating damage to the closest enemies and reverberates further damage to their surrounding companions. Make sure to place this army in an area where they will be most able to affect a huge amount of damage to four enemies at once! 

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