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As World War 2 made its mark on Europe, its influence could be felt in the growing presence of military bases on rural lands. Hundreds of thousands were relocated from cities and faraway lands to train and build camaraderie. A military base can be a miserable spot for soldiers torn from their homes and forced to engage in military exercises. 

As highlighted before, in our introduction of the military base, your base is a crucial component on the path to victory. It’s the place where your soldiers grow and learn and attain a sense of unity in lands far away from home. In addition, it’s a place where competent Generals manage resources, as well as import them from the outside world, for example from the supply ship

Because the base is the one area you have total control over, it’s important to make it reflect your personality as a General. When it comes to war games, much of victory is determined by psychology. Improve team morale with base decorations, which are updated every month! Have your soldiers run their army games in an area overflowing with culture! We even occasionally invite Generals to show off their super cool bases in a base showcase! Are you prepared to show us what you got?

No where else can you find some of the best action that online free games have to offer! Talent, passion, and history combine here to create one of the most engaging strategy war games on the web! Put your skills to the test today!

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