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If there’s one thing soldiers come to understand, it’s patience. Getting from one location to another sometimes required far more time than was previously imagined. Getting one’s rations, supplies, gear, weaponry, all of it could prove to be an enormous tax on the psychology of your average soldier. War often becomes a take what you can get mentality, where bartering replaces actual currency. And the soldiers on the Liberators battlefield are no strangers to this way of living!

Introducing the brand new shop that facilitates the wounded, weary, and waiting. At the Pit Stop, soldiers can use bolts from their leftover items to exchange for goods that might prove rare or hard to get elsewhere. Use war bonds to loosen the bolts from your metal wear, and exchange them for items. Some of these will replenish with time. Others are in short supply, so get ‘em while the getting is good! Once they’re gone, that’s it! 

This shop is only available for a limited time only, so make use of it while supplies last. These merchants will pack up and hit the road on September 14th, so that doesn’t give you long! The Pit Stop is your last refuge for soldiers trying to get by on makeshift parts, passing on war-torn roads to lands that need saving.  

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