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Even the stone cold BAMFs of the Second World War needed a little help from their friends once in a while. Standing shoulder to shoulder at Monte Cassino, watching wave after wave of the enemy charge forth must have been a frightful experience, even for the iron-hearted. The Liberators battlefield aims to provide the best multiplayer online games, and way to experience one of the most interesting points in recent memory. Now you can charge the field with your men in the new Fire Support system!
Face 5 simultaneous enemies in a single wave. Upon victory, put your skills to the test with another wave of 5 fearsome enemies. Battles will only conclude once all of your units have been destroyed. But here’s the catch, in this battle formation, you can deploy up to 15 Commanders! As long as they’re at least level 15, you can line them up for battle. Commanders will be deployed in bunkers as they prepare to engage. After a decent victory, clever generals may choose to blitz battle and collect set rewards. 
When it comes to war games, the Liberators battlefield brings the best free games online! Battle against the mightiest generals across the globe in the Number 1 browser game of the year! 
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