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Liberators welcome to the ranks the first Commander born and raised in the Urals. Born in Russian Empire in the winter of 1915, this young marksman was destined for greatness. So celebrated was this figure that he later became a Hero of the Soviet Union and there was even a movie based on his life. He is none other than Vasily Zaytsev and he’s the newest sniper to join the Liberators Battlefield!
During the war, Zaytsev was a master of concealment. He hid wherever his body would fit, from water pipes, to trees, to rubble from explosions and decay. He was best known for his tactic of “sixes,” that is, covering a large area from three positions with two men at each point (a scout and a sniper).
On the Liberators battlefield, Zaytsev is represented as the leader of a sniper army, just as is true to history. His special skill, the Soviet Marksman, revives his tactics. It’s a long-range attack, hitting the farthest enemy unit and stunning them for a number of turns. This is great against powerful long-distance foes, like Rudel or Monty who you may need to take out early in the battle.
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