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Liberators: NEW COMMANDER.jpgBorn just a few days after Christmas 1901, Marie Magdalene Dietrich was destined for stardom. Today, she’s largely remembered as the first German Hollywood star. In addition to her status as a celebrity, she has a place reserved in military history for her invaluable contribution to the WWII war effort!

When she was asked to by the Nazi government to return to Germany, she turned them down outright and attained American citizenship. She helped fund Jews and other dissidents escape from Germany and gave over her entire salary to help refugees. She spent a number of years performing for Allied troops in Algeria, Italy, France, and the UK, coming dangerously close to enemy lines. Her song “Lili Marlene” sang the somber story of a soldier leaving his loved ones backed by a slow, somber melody. The effect she had on the morale of German troops was proportionate to positive effect she gave the Allied soldiers. Between her music and her rallying for war bonds, no other celebrity contributed a greater effort.

On the Liberators battlefield, Dietrich makes an appearance at the head of an army of machine gun soldiers. She commands a long-range, explosive, infantry army, making her ideal for your middle and back lines. Her special move is the USO show, which deals a devastating amount of damage to all enemies in the front of her unit. The shorter the distance, the greater the damage. Her strengths are many when employed effectively by skilled generals!

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