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The Commanders that decided to join the Liberators battlefield are masters of their own areas of expertise, but a select few managed to reach the highest rank their forces had to offer!

Montgomery started as a Division Commander, and after many successful missions in the European and African theaters, he received the extreme responsibility of leading all the ground troops of Operation Overlord. Subsequently, he was awarded the Rank of Field Marshall. Rundstedt commanded numerous missions on both the western and eastern fronts, including the invasion of Poland. Zhukov was involved in practically every major battle of the eastern front, successful defending Moscow and marching towards Berlin to see the war to its end.

Liberators give you the opportunity to wage war your way, and change history.
Tell us who, in your opinion, should be named the Supreme Commander of the Liberators battlefield and write their name boldly on the pages of history!

Write a short text telling us the name of the Liberator’s Commander and why you are choosing him/her as Supreme Commander. Include you player name or id, which can be obtained writing /id in the global chat, and you user name.

Participants will receive 50k of Gold, 50k Supplies and 10 Draft Tickets.
The best reply will win and extra of 10 Chocolates and 2H Oil cardsx2.

We can’t wait to hear from you and give out all these prizes!
Click here to through your hat in the ring today:

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