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Soldiers around the world, this is the time to prove yourself! The opportunity to show your skills mastered after fierce battles, the might of your battle scarred army and the countless hours spent on the training ground reaching the very limits of human capacities. The moment when you can claim the highest title, the Champion of all Liberators, has arrived.

It's time for the Liberators World Champion to be crowned!

The battle of the century is about to start. Any players with a minimum level of 50 can participate. After registration, the group stage will begin, assigning participants into groups. Players will be asked to deploy their top 15 Commanders, and these will be the ones used during the tournament. If a Commander is killed in battle, it will be replaced by the next one in the deployment list.

During the first group stage, players will fight against each other in order to advance.

Following is the elimination tournament, where players will be matched according to the score of their group. The winners of each round of battle will be selected on the best score after 3 battles.

At the end of this stage, the best 64 players will be divided into 2. Winners will advance until 1 player for each group remains. These two mighty Generals will face each other for the highest title, and be crowned the best Liberators player of the world.

Players will be able to guess the winner, and win War Bonds if their favorite contender does win the battle!

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