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1608171471430959594858.jpgThe Second World War was a perilous era. The entire world was focused on annihilating enemies and putting an end to destruction to restore freedom. Celebrations were scarce, and events like the Famous Oktoberfest were canceled during the time of war.

In Liberators we want to bring joy and enjoyment to your base with a few tokens of gesture for your soldiers who deserve a respite after countless days on the battlefield. The following new decorations will make everyone raise their glass and cheer, even the grumpiest commander.

Beer Barrel

Used to age beer, these barrels made of wood are able to store hundreds of liters of beer. Don’t let your soldiers be thirsty ever again!

Traveling Funfair Tent

Inside these tents there are no foes, and all the soldiers are welcome to grab a pint of beer and enjoy games and friendly talks.

Ferris Wheel

George Washington Gale Ferris Jr. was the creator of this gigantic rotating metal wheel, able of carrying multiple passengers in its cabins and reaching an altitude of more than 150m. One of the most popular attractions on any fair.

Do not miss this opportunity and get all the decorations for your base! 

Liberators brings you all the excitement and strategy of World War 2, directly to your browser and completely free.

See you on the battlefield!

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