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Liberators:Bunker assault.jpgDuring the first and Second World Wars, the need for stronger fortifications, to protect the artillery crews, store ammunition or supplies, result into the development and perfection of the Bunker.
From the Scots word “Bench” the bunkers started as dug shelters in World War I, becoming a key structure for defense. 

Bunkers were widely used with artillery. The fortified concrete walls could withstand most attacks, protecting the weaponry and personal and often includes counter attack measure as the V-3 cannon and machine guns. Were also effective minimizing the effects of the blast radius, preventing ear and internal injuries.
Destroying a bunker was often a true nightmare for the attackers, as huge explosive or warheads were needed. The crew inside the bunkers could be killed with a flamethrower, but required the brave soldier to approach to a deadly close distance.
On the Liberators battlefield, an enemy bunker must be destroyed at all cost. Form the most powerful commander squad and shatter their fortification to the foundations! No restriction on Commanders. Using the Blitz option will produce a damage 10 times stronger. The highest total damage will receive amazing prizes, including Commanders and Decorations for your base.

Liberators brings you all the excitement and strategy of WW2, in an historically accurate game, directly to your browser and F2P.

See you on the battlefield!
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