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Liberators:Marshall plan.jpgYour country needs you to dig deep into your wallet and support the war effort. In return, it promises freedom, prosperity, and security. War bonds are what keep the war effort afloat. But what are they and how can buying them INCREASE THEIR WORTH FOR YOU?

First of all, it’s important to note that war bonds are debt securities issued by a government to secure funds for military operations and other expenditure in times of war. They also remove money from normal circulation, consequently helping to control inflation. But once you invest in war bonds, you can – with a little luck and know-how – help your country, and your wallet!

Introducing the Marshall Plan, which turns your good investment, into a great investment! Invest those war bonds to receive higher returns over a given amount of time. Invest in two different funds and claim rewards for both! As long as these accruals are continuing, you can’t lose!

At the end of a given investment duration, daily returns will become available to those who have invested. Don’t forget to grab your returns at the end of the accrual period! Daily returns must be claimed by their owners, or you run the risk of losing all that (not-so) hard-earned cash!

The war effort is raging on, and it needs the help of people like you! But you’ve got an ace in your pocket. Don’t fail to sign up for the Marshall Plan today!

See you on the battlefield!
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