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Liberators:Lone Warrior .jpgHere is a scenario: imagine you are commander on the battlefield in WW2 and you have just battled with an enemy who refused defeat and has retreated to the mountains. The obvious action is to follow them and destroy the remaining enemy forces. However, terrain is extremely rough and only one unit can successfully climb the rocky mountain. Would you have the guts to follow them up the treacherous place with just one unit?

This type of situation is one of several that some of the most most recognized war generals and commanders of the World War 2 did the unthinkable and went into combat alone, claimed victory and lived to tell the tale.

In honor of such historic bravery and tenacity we introduce the new game mode: Lone Warrior. This mode is just as the name suggests; one on one battles. One commander against one enemy commander.
The main challenge in this game mode is to go through several stages with just ONE commander and win.

Liberators is a free to play online game that will challenge your strategy and decision making processes. Command armies, form alliances and have some real firepower! Available on all browsers, join the war!

See you on the battlefield.

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