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Liberators:Tank destroyer.jpgThe tank destroyers forces were some of the most effective strategies that the United States and its allies used to seek, strike and destroy hostile armored units. They were created in 1941 at a conference specifically for unit tank tactics. In May that year, General George. C. Marshal, LT. Col. Andrew D. Bruce and Brigadier General Lesley J. McNair took action and mobilized the specialized battalions. The units were equipped with towed 37mm anti-tank guns and 75mm guns mounted on half tracks ( M3 GMC). They were used in the North African theater, Sicily and Italy, Northwest Europe and the Pacific campaign where they proved very versatile and efficient.

Liberators is proud to introduce the new game play where you will be fighting against tank units that have run out of ammunition and tries to escape at all cost! The strategy is one derived from the original idea for these units which was to ambush and destroy any armored forces before they have the chance to strike again. Your objective is to destroy as many of them as possible using long range units and commanders.

Liberators free army game is always coming up with ways to make the history of World War 2 come to life through the very historically accurate facts and game plays. It's a highly informative game filled with action, strategy and tactic challenges and gives players a real sense of pride and honor. Its free to play on your browser. What are you waiting for? Join the battle now!

See you on the battlefield!
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