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 Liberators:Show your best V-ictory.jpg

Show your best V-ictory

August is a month of celebration for all our soldiers. In August 15, 1945, the surrender of Japan was announced, bringing a definite end to World War 2. The hearts of millions around the world was filled with a mix of joy and sadness, for the victory achieved, and in memory of the countless lives lost. In liberators we join the celebration with a special event for all our players. Reply to this post with a picture of the letter “V” made with anything you can find in your room. Toy figures, people, keyboards, pens, your cats, the possibilities are endless, and you just need to show a clear “V”. Include your in-game player name, your id (you can obtain your id by writing “/id” in the global chat) and server number.

Receive 50K Gold, 50K Supplies and 10 Draft Tickets just for joining the celebration and posting your picture and details! If we really like what we see, we'll select a few editor’s choices and give out 1.000 War Bonds and  a feature in our Fan page! This is the time to be awarded for your creativity!

Click here to find out about the event in our forum!

See you on the battlefield! 

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