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Liberators:Shooting Range.jpgWe’ve said here a thousand times before… War ain’t for the faint of heart. World War II was without doubt, one of the most trying times in human history, and it turned out some of the greatest heroes modern history has to boast of. And many of them were regular blue collar workers, straight from the factors and farms of the Western world.

How did these Average Joes become some of the meanest killing machines the world has ever known? Training, training, and more training! They went from the streets as raw recruits to the level of a skilled marine in relatively little time (because they didn’t have much to spare!). The critical weeks of recruit training came when the platoon first arrived at to the rifle range. The philosophy of the Marines was that each and every one of them should think of himself first as a rifleman. At the shooting range, they learned to shoot the service rifle, pistols, the Browning Automatic Rifle, and other infantry weapons.. The rifle became the core of the rest of their martial training, and no soldier left the barracks without a healthy command of the weapon.

On the Liberators Battlefield, this kind of training in represented in the Shooting Range. There, Generals can replace yesteryear’s sweat and toil for today’s gold and oil! This expenditure increases with every purchase, such that higher levels are proportionally more expensive. But they’re well worth their weight in gold (and, interestingly, oil) for the increased stats soldiers can get! Increase your units ATTACK, DEFENSE, and, TROOPS regularly, to keep them ahead of the curve. The shooting range is divided up on by unit type, so make sure not to neglect your weaker soldiers. Clever Generals know how to maintain balance as well as when to stack the chips on one side rather than another. Keep holding on, soldiers.

See you on the battlefield, soldiers!
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