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 Liberators:Paratroopers.jpgParatroopers, also known as military parachutists, were a key player in the Allied victory of WWII. It was on this battlefield that they first made their primary and most important appearance. In an action known as ‘vertical envelopment,’ troops can appear out of nowhere in minutes behind enemy lines. They are limited, in fact, only in how many planes can be attained to ford them over to their destination. As such, they were paramount in the German attack on Crete, as well as the Allied initial invasion of Normandy. These hard-working soldiers filled the skies and brought a decisive victory for their respective sides.

On the Liberators battlefield, therefore, no General wants to march toward victory without the aid of trusty paratroopers at the wings.

Paratroopers are extremely powerful at close range. Although their movement is restricted, and they don’t advance very quickly, they more than make up for it in terms of their absolute strength. Once they close in on long-range units, it’s lights out for the enemy. This is especially true for mortar units. They are best with accompanied by other close-range units, with the most advantageous placement on the flanks. Their ability to envelop the enemy and rain down destruction is essentially unmatched. We recommend checking out Dick Winters’ devastation on the battlefield for a satisfying ending to a skirmish!

See you on the battlefield, soldiers!
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