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 Liberators:Supply Ship.jpgAs clever generals in the Second World War and any war in history are aware, actual combat is only one part of the equation along the path to victory. Strategy includes where to place your men on the field, when to strike, and using what you have to your advantage. But all the planning in the world is of no use if you cannot supply your hardworking soldiers when they set about their tasks!

The availability of merchant shipping was one of the key aspects to Allied victory in World War II. When cargo ships were sank by enemy vessels, generals on shop suffered great losses. If the rate at which ships were sank exceeded the rate of production and supplying of the troops, then this spelled certain defeat. Timely delivery of supplies not only supplied troops with material goods, but also boosted morale! 

On the Liberators battlefield, this is emulated in the brand new Supply Ship function. Now, for veteran players of lvl 60 and above, every Friday and Saturday, a supply ship will dock at your base. For its reliability, Generals can purchase items for discount prices. But be careful! The countdown timer will let you know when the ship has to set off for its treacherous journey back to gather more supplies. 

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to snatch up a bundle of item for discount prices when your Supply Ship pulls into the harbor! 

See you on the battlefield!
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