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Liberators:Invasion of the Ghost Army.jpgWinning war is about more than death and destruction. It's also about psychology. Whoever can make his enemy tremble with fear has already won half the battle. War takes place in the minds of soldiers just as much as on the battlefield, and thus a mastery of innovative techniques is paramount to attain victory. This was certainly the case in the implementation of the Ghost Army in the latter part of the Second World War. During these battles, soldiers were sent to impersonate other U.S. Army units to deceive the enemy. Ghost soldiers were encouraged to use their brains and talent to mislead, deceive and befuddle the German Army. Many were recruited from art schools, advertising agencies and other venues that encourage creative thinking. In civilian life, ghost soldiers were contracted from artists, architects, actors, set designers and engineers.

The Ghost Army is represented on the Liberators battlefield by a weekly campaign held every Monday. Generals of Lvl 40 and above are to send out a ghost army of inflatable tanks to draw as much fire from the enemy as possible. The more damage accumulated, the greater the rewards! Collect ghost tags as a mark of your progress and exchange them for goods to help supply your troops risking their lives in actual battle on the frontlines of distant lands.

Note: Players must draw at least 1,000 in damage to reap rewards, so make sure to amp up the volume! In order to garner rewards, Generals must beat their own best records, so the steaks are increasingly high! Work hard to alwyas make sure you're on top of things!

We'll see you on the battlefield!
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