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On the march to victory, soldiers of the Second World War participated in battles that resulted in some of the greatest loss of life ever faced in human history. Those battles included Monte Cassino with185,000 casualties, the Battle of Kursk with over 350,000 casualties, the Battle of Berlin with 1,298,745 casualties, and ultimately the Battle of Stalingrad with nearly 1.8 million casualties. To be present during combat this fierce must surely seem as though the end of the world is near. It requires courage, strength of character, and moral resolve to fight to the end, for only after the greatest losses have been incurred can progress truly be apprehended.

Soldiers on the Liberators battlefield know that the glory of battle can only be had where risks are the greatest. We have simulated the grandiosity and enormity of such life changing battles with the new cross-server Arena gameplay! Now players can challenge the best and mightiest from across all servers in order to find who is truly the mightest among them.

Soldiers will be separated into classes based on level and previous fighting experience. Successful completion may alter the General's status within the same category or they may be advanced to a higher category based on the outcome of the skirmish. The ultimate goal is to advance as high as possible within the limited number of attempts given. Players should also have protection armies in place to make sure that they are not overtaken by other ambitious soldiers trying to claw their way to the top.

Mighty Generals will need to fight their way across seven major areas, demonstrating their strength and fortitude to earn the valour of top place. They will be rewarded with M1 Helmets for their hard work, which can be exchanged for goods and items necessary to continue on the march toward victory. All rewards are commiserate to the extent of success.

For now this function is limited to players on American servers from 1 - 26, with European servers on the way soon! Stay tuned for more details!

The battle awaits!
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