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LEND-LEASE.jpgIn a country of desert and mountain and countless unknown perils, cargo transport across land is fraught with dangers and difficulties. Safe roads are few in number, and often laid with traps. Nature is harsh and unpredictable. But as the war rages on, and supplies are needed at a moment's notice, the ability to safely transport goods from one city to another can be paramount to your army, as well as result in considerable rewards for those willing to take the risk!

Introducing to the Liberators Battlefield the brand new feature, Land-Lease! Now every day, players can take on transport missions to aid those in need. Carry goods of varying sizes and qualities, with commiserate rewards for successful completion of your mission. Assign an escort of your best soldiers to make sure your package gets to its final destination, because the roads are swarming with enemies that will steal from you at the first chance they get. You can be assaulted up to 3 times, at which time, your escorting army will be all that stands between all manner of thieves and your precious cargo. As always, be wise in battle, and don't be taken advantage of!

Conversely, you too can be a force to be reckoned with as other soldiers transport their goods across the map. Generals have 10 attempts to disrupt the lend-lease travels of other soldiers, and their success in battle can result in the acquisition of great spoils! Remain vigilant and fight to the last!

War is not a game for the faint of heart. Strategy, tactics, and a disciplined army are paramount for those determined Generals who will reach the peaks of victory in one peace!

Good luck on the battlefield!
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