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Liberators: Relic system.pngAre your armies composed of highly-skilled vets with insanely high levels? Is the very name of your army enough to scare obedience in to your foes? Are you looking for a new way to crush your enemies in battle? Well look no further! For the tireless soldiers who trudge all the way to the brinks of the higher levels, there’s a whole new kind of gameplay coming that will take your combat to the next level!

Introducing the Relic System! Players level 80 and above now have a new way to play. Once your Commanders have reached level 80 and have all 5 stars, they can start to create their own relics!

Players can collect blueprints through their participation in Headhunters. Special battles can grant points that players save in much the same way they save items needed to level up their Commanders normally. Players will need these precious bits of intelligence to advance their plans. Additionally, players can receive research points from various in-game events and other yet-to-be-announced surprises available further down the road.

We’ll be starting this system off with Monty, Rudel, Patton, & Eisenhower, with more Commander Relics available in the future. Be one of the first to exploit its awesome might in combat today!

See you on the battlefield!
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