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Liberators: Teddy Rooservelt.jpgTheodore Roosevelt III, known better as Teddy Roosevelt Jr, was one of the grand figures in the history of both World Wars. The eldest son of the naturalist, explorer, and former president Teddy Roosevelt, the weight on his shoulders to live up to his father’s expectations was heavy. As a child, his father presented him with a rifle. When he asked if it was real, his father proceeded to shoot a bullet into the ceiling.

Despite the high bar that was set for him, Ted lived up to expectations. In WWI, he served with his brothers and father in numerous battles. Over the course of his tenure, he participated in America’s first victory and Cantigny. He received distinctive honors for his participation. 

Promoted to Colonel, he dove back into military service in WWII in April 1941. During the North African campaigns, he was known to frequently visit the front lines, rather than stay cooped up in his command post, which was appreciated by his men. He was personally, strategically, and –arguably—emotionally involved with the storming of Normandy Beach during D-Day. He was the only general present for the storming of Normandy Beach, and one of the oldest combatants there. He paid for this dedication dearly with his life, dying in France some 36 days later. 

On the Liberators Battlefield, his exploits are commemorated by his leadership of an army of riflemen, whose usefulness is right up on the front lines. His deadly skill Stormer rains bombs down upon a random number of enemies, while simultaneously reducing their morale. He will definitely be a necessary addition to your growing army!

The Liberators battlefield is full of historical WW2 strategy action. Here you can get your fill of military history, stories of triumph and inspiration, and immerse yourself in the full experience of the year’s best army strategy game. As the story unfolds, we’ll be welcoming more and more influential Commanders to join the European theatre of one of the most significant conflicts in world history. 

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