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Liberators:pub.jpgBattle-hardened soldiers are apt to stop over at the local pub at the end of a long day when the fighting’s done. There, they can exchange stories, learn how to improve their craft, and sing drunken melodies. Most importantly, however, soldiers can use the change in their pockets to purchase drinks for Commanders they wish to add to their ever-expanding army. There’s a strategic function to the pub other than the mere consumption of booze, though that’s certainly an added bonus.

Soldiers meet three Commanders per visit to the base pub, and the first drink is on the house. Purchasing a drink has a one-in-three chance of going to either of the lucky Commanders and will return CPs as well as a collection of randomized rewards. If the drink you purchase goes to the featured Commander, then you can look forward to extra special prizes, such as increased CPs, as well as unlocking of further Commanders.

No war, especially not the Second World War, is reducible to strategy and tactics used upon the battlefield alone. Your army will require courage, strength, and just as importantly, camaraderie among talented soldiers. Your friendly, neighborhood pub is the first stop on amicably expanding your legion!

See you on the battlefield!
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