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Liberators: Barbara Lauwers.pngImagine you’re a German soldier. You’re hungry, tired, and far from home, subsisting largely on the faith that the side you’re fighting for is soon going to win the war and you can finally go back to the warmth of familiar surroundings. Then, you see a letter flyer written in your mother tongue whose contents makes your heart leap.

“For you who is alone in the world without a wife, fiancée, or a flirt… we have been separated from our men for many years. With all those foreigners around us, we would like once more to press a real German youth to our bosom!”

The war has taken its toll on you and your senses. You’ve been trapped inside of a tank, grasping a machine gun, or throwing a grenade for months or possibly years. Surely this flyer is going to cause a pretty serious psychological change in lives of you and your brothers-in-arms!

This was the master work of Barbara Lauwers, the fearless corporal of the Women’s Army Corps and founder of the “League of Lonely War Women” or VEK in German. It produced flyers like the one cited above and circulated them throughout German camps by means of spies and infiltrators. So potent were these lies that they were believed far and wide, even making an appearance in the New York Times on the other side of the pond. After one of her operations, over 600 soldiers defected from behind Italian lines and withdrew their support from the Germans. For her contribution to the war effort, she was awarded the Bronze Star Medal.

On the Liberators battlefield, Lauwers’s army operates the infamous AT rocket launchers. She’s best deep within the ranks, far away from the front lines. Like other anti-tank weaponry, she’s best used against highly armored vehicles. Her special skill is Operation Sauerkraut, which greatly decreases damage inflicted by the enemy.

The Liberators battlefield is full of historical WW2 strategy action. Here you can get your fill of military history, stories of triumph and inspiration, and immerse yourself in the full experience of the year’s best army strategy game. As the story unfolds, we’ll be welcoming more and more influential Commanders to join the European theatre of one of the most significant conflicts in world history.

See you on the battlefield!
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