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The Allies claimed victory in North Africa on May 13th, 1943, when a huge swatch of German and Italian soldiers surrendered at Tunisia. Allied leaders found themselves at a great cross roads, the results of which would turn out to be one of the turning points of the war. Should they relocate their Mediterranean forces north to prepare for the coming invasion of Europe from the English channel? Or should they march north into Italy to dislodge the fascist dictator Mussolini from power? Churchill referred to Italy as "the soft underbelly of Europe" for its vulnerability and strategic importance. After much deliberation, they chose to invade the peninsula, and the rest was history.

In a stroke of brilliance, Allied forces sent the body of a dead man into enemy waters, knowing he would soon be discovered. Attached to him were elaborate plans to invade Sardinia and Corsica. These plans reached all the way up to the Fuhrer himself, who subsequently drew a hefty portion of soldiers to garrison those fronts. Despite this genius tactic, the fighting was long and hard. The Allies were able to effectively claim victory on July 24th, with the deposition of fascist Prime Minister Benito Mussolini. Still, the actual losses for the Axis fighters was relatively minimal. Axis fighters retreated inland to regroup, and would later reemerge as a force yet to be reckoned with.

On the Liberators battlefield, this fight is recreated as one of the Turning Points of the war. There, players advance by stages, unlocking later battles of higher levels. Here, hard-working generals can relive the struggle of soldiers of years long past. Strategy is of high importance. Deployment is particularly important when the strength of the enemies is close to one's own. If at first you don't succeed, know that you have one advantage that Patton and his men didn't have years
ago. You can give the battle another shot, and re-deploy your troops in a different formation. Switching just one tile can make a huge difference. Available every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday, this route is only open to your long range troops. So keep them levelled up and ready for action!

Your army is constantly in the position that those brave soldiers faced in the invasion of Sicily. To experience historical WW2 strategy action is to appreciate its complexity. Here you can get your fill of military history, stories of triumph and inspiration, and immerse yourself in the full experience of the year’s best army strategy game.

See you on the battlefield!
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