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Liberators: Maginot.pngIt's time to line up all the Axis soldiers you've recruited to the cause, because this is a special mission just for them!

March your mightiest Axis Commanders to the line of concrete fortifications, obstacles and weapon installations in eastern France known as the Maginot Line! This heavily fortified line made offense notoriously difficult for both WWI and WWII. The Axis used clever tactics to overcome the hindrances built into the infamous defensive line. They crossed through neutral territory and dense forest, surprising their heavily foritified victims. As a General in charge of your own legendary army, it will now be up to you to use what strategy and tactics you can to claw your way through the merciless battle. And the higher the number of kills you are able to score, the higher your army will rank. Achieving first place will grant the winner with 400 Giovanni Messe CPs, to add a seasoned vet to your already deadly legions!
Line up your your top Axis vets, strengthened and tempered under your vigilant leadership to attack the enemy. After a successful battle, Generals can choose to perform a Blitz attack, enacting ten times the damage affected in the previous battle. As your legion's strength increases, new initial attacks can be undertaken, whose later Blitz Attacks will be consequently higher. The General with the highest kill numbers at the end of June 5th will reign as champion of his realm.

The Second World War was no mere place for war games. It required the bravery and intelligence of clever tacticians like those found right here on the Liberators battlefield! For real characters, actual battles, and much more, players need look no farther than right here!

See you on the battlefield!
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