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Liberators: Dream team.jpgDoes your team have what it takes to make bring a victorious and glorious conclusion to WW2? We want to know all about it!

Who are your favorite Commanders, and how do they work together? Do you lead with Churchill's bazooka-wielding army with Monty's long distance troops bringing up the rear? Who do you have on your sides? Do you prefer to have a shallow front line, with the center reinforced? Or do you prefer to pack your army densely? Do you creep toward the enemy, giving them no room to escape? Or do you like to use long-range troops who lure the opposition onto your turf where you make the rules? Which strategy works best? Which strategies have you tried that didn't work out?

Take a screenshot of your favorite team of five Commanders and share it on our social media along with your server and ingame id (note: your id can be acquired by typing /id into the world chat box). Respond to us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, along with a few words about why you chose this formation. We'll be giving out some hefty rewards to particularly clever Generals who have a thing or two to teach us!

The quest to liberate Europe will be long and hard won. The Second World War will not be ended by men of cowardice, or who fail to make use of all the resources allotted them. The adoration and respect of the masses is another useful tool on in the toolkit of military conquest.

Check back for all your WW2 game news, strategies, and updates!
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See you on the battlefield!
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