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Liberators: Battle of cassino.jpgRemembered today as one of the longest and most gruesome engagements of the Italian campaign of WWII, the battle of Monte Cassino remains shrouded in controversy and darkness. The original intention of the Allies was the crucial breakthrough of the German Gustav Line in order to reach and liberate Rome. They had believed that the Axis fighters would not be able to hold the line due to another battle in Salerno going on at the time, and with the harsh weather and rough terrain, would be forced to retreat. But Axis vets who at this point were used to fighting from multiple sides and making impressive use of limited sources, were not backing down simply due to a little rain and shortage men.

The result was a series of four separate battles collectively known as the battle of Monte Cassino, named for the famed abbey located there. The hard-fought skirmishes resulted in a series of stalemates, with neither side willing to back down definitively. Perhaps one of the most controversial decisions of the war, the Allies bombed the famed abbey of Monte Cassino, earning the suspicion and condemnation of friendlies for the rest of the war. Afterward, the third battle was preceded by an intense barrage of artillery from nine hundred guns and a massive aerial bombardment of the town. Even after the infantry arrived to sweep in after the intial attack, the results were still inconclusive.

Unfortunately, the infamous battle of Monte Cassino did not end with glistening heroes marching proudly into Rome with flags of freedom waving triumphantly at the rear. Instead, it came down brutal combat and the exhausted Allied troops managed to simply outlast their nearly equally matched opponents. If nothing else, they took away the fact that war is truly a difficult endeavor and sometimes victory is merely a matter of maintaining your position just a bit longer than the other guy.

On the Liberators battlefield, your army is constantly in the position that those brave soldiers faced in the battle of Monte Cassino. To experience historical WW2 strategy action is to appreciate its complexity. Here you can get your fill of military history, stories of triumph and inspiration, and immerse yourself in the full experience of the year’s best army strategy game. Which battles do you find personally moving? How do your tactics fair against the enemy? Follow us on social media and let us know!

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