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Liberators: Propaganda.jpgWhat should you do when your Commanders have reached the pinnacle of their military career? What happens when your veteran army is composed of learned leaders with no room left on the ladder of official recognition? Now the men and women who have served long diligently under your command have a new level to which to aspire.


Introducing the Propaganda system, in which your Commanders can spread their influence throughout the newly liberated lands, increasing their military prestige and prowess on the battlefield. Unlocking at level 60, your 5-Star Commanders can use Commander Points (CPs) to give speeches to the adoring public, sharing the wisdom they’ve gained throughout their campaigns, invigorating the masses with tales of their exploits. These speeches will in turn grant your Commanders a collection of Propaganda points which can be exchanged for Propaganda perks. These perks can range from strength, to leadership, to intelligence and can be allotted at your command. They are a limited resource and should be used wisely. They may also be cleared and realigned as your strategies and necessities change.


The quest to liberate Europe will be long and hard won. The Second World War will not be ended by men of cowardice, or who fail to make use of all the resources allotted them. The adoration and respect of the masses is another useful tool on in the toolkit of military conquest.


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