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It is June 6th, 1944. Most of Europe has fallen prey to the Nazi war machine and is under brutal occupation. Though the times may be dark, there is still hope. One of the largest armies ever amassed is about to storm the beaches of Normandy and bring freedom back to the oppressed. The Allied soldiers stand ready to die for freedom, but they need true leaders. Only the wisest and most courageous will be able to build an army capable of bringing down the Nazis. Will you be the general who brings the Reich to its knees?



  • Commander Stats
  • Leadership: 78
  • Strength: 70
  • intelligence:66

Machine gun
A hero of the first world war, Marshal Pétain was an old man by 1940 and resolved to make peace with Germany. Forming a French Third Republic in the spa town of Vichy, he established authoritarian rule and collaborated fully with the Nazis. He is considered a traitor by most French.


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